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Success Stories

176938c8 c184 497d 87e9 417413945d82 S65x65I had crossed paths with Chiropractic about 20 years ago because of very mild symptoms of hip discomfort. I must say, being younger and "invincible", I thought it was really unnecessary to even try Chiropractic, however, after hearing an ad on the radio, I decided to experience the "cure all" claims. As I expected, and in retrospect, he was way off in his analysis of the problem and, of course, the treatment. Needless to say, I did not return after several sessions and became convinced that Chiropractic was not for me. Then….. ….over the course of a bit less than a year (two years ago), I began experiencing increasing hip pain. It slowly became more difficult to sit, stand or walk for any length of time. It became very painful to accomplish simple things like walking through a mall or even around the neighborhood. The pain centered in the right hip and down the leg. Sitting for a while was the only practical relief until that became a liability also. My Family Doctor sent me for an MRI. The results depicted a slowly degenerating disk condition in the lower spine in the L5 area that was compressing the nerve bundle down the right hip and leg. His recommendations were consistent with AMA guidelines, over-the-counter "pain pills", then prescription meds or finally surgery. At one time, I was a believer of prescription meds until it became evident through my own experience, word of mouth, general reading/learning. I began leaning more toward prevention thru awareness of the condition (whatever it was) and a tendency toward holistic methods, i.e.: let the body tend toward healing itself when given the right foods, supplements and the desire to follow a better/healthier life style through reading/learning about what works. Sometimes that's really not enough, especially once an existing condition becomes intolerable. I was lucky enough to hear about Sports and Family Chiropractic through my wife who had already been using Dr. Wright's service. She had attended one of his presentations at her work place and had received multiple positive comments "word-of-mouth" about him. His analysis of my X-Rays and suggested response to the condition sounded more than correct to me. I have been continuing to use his service for about 8 months now (Electric Stimulus, Roller Traction Table, Massage and Pro-Adjuster). The relief I experienced was noticeable within the first month and gradually improved. I can now walk and sit as before my condition revealed itself, in my case, even Chiropractic is not a "cure", but it is head and shoulders above surgery. It pays to find the right Doctor of Chiropractic and Dr. Wright is at the top of my Chiropractic services list. His support team is knowledgeable, customer/patient oriented and Professional. What more to ask for?

By mydoc

2010 09 20 17 42 03 729SCIATIC PAIN!!!!!

I recently had a back injury (pinched sciatic nerve). Looked at my insurance and found Dr Wright. I was very pleased and surprised at the service I have received since my treatment began. They are very professional, knowledgeable and patient friendly. I received great treatment and had the option of manual adjustment or with a pro adjuster. I chose manual but having the option of being adjusted by a machine was great. Needless to say, Dr Wright and staff, got me ready and able to run my half marathon in approx 3 weeks. I was relieved and happy that I was pain free in the amount of time they had. I would recommend Sports and Family Chiropractic to anyone who is in pain and I look forward to continue treatments with Dr. Wright.

By 1bigthronco



Dr Wright and his staff have been great.

Under there care I have accomplished my weight loss goals 105 lbs. These were my shorts before I started. My allergies have gone away. Also I can play hard and they fix my sports injuries and get me right back out there. Thank you guys.

By pantanellajim